There is LIFE after divorce!

Well friends, It’s been one year since I embarked on the first leg of this journey I am calling Georgia Leigh 2.0.  One year since I left almost everything behind and moved to LA with only my fourteen year old daughter and a few bags of clothes.  One year since I finally said “NO!” to living my life for everyone but myself, “NO!” to reigning in this crazy, noisy, bursting-with-joy personality of mine because it doesn’t fit someone else’s idea of “appropriate adult behavior.”  One year since I took my first baby steps in standing up for myself and for my right to live my life free from energy vampires, narcissists, gaslighting and mind games.

I have been forced to reevaluate everything I believed about myself and my relationships, forced to entertain the possibility that I am lovable and likable just as I am, that I have a shit-ton more to do here before I throw in the towel, that I have nothing to be ashamed of, and that good girls (even mothers ) can and should have lots and lots of fabulous, mind blowing, life changing sex with men who don’t ask us to mould ourselves to their image. (Yeah Boys, those are the ones fucking their own personal porn star every night )

Oh yes, there will be plenty of controversial, titillating, and provocative conversations on this blog, and I hope you will weigh in on them.  What I have come to discover over this year is how many people there are just like myself, navigating profound life trauma without a system of support, without friends to cry with them, to laugh with them, to hold their hand in the darkest of moments and make them believe they will survive.  And that is precisely what I want this blog to be – a hub of friendship and support, a resource for wisdom and guidance from others who have survived their own battles – and every one of us is struggling through something, which makes this a place for everyone!

More than anything though, I want this to be a venue for extracting the humor from even the most dire of circumstances.  Trust me, laughter is the best life vest you can carry on this journey, and sometimes the only thing to cling to.  Ironically, my ex…let’s call him DH shall we? And no, that does not stand for Dear Husband … DH was embarrassed and critical of my outsized personality and boisterous laughter, which made starting a blog that brings others together in conversation, laughter, and unconditional acceptance seem like the most obvious career choice for Georgia Leigh 2.0.

So yes, there IS life after divorce, and it’s fucking AWESOME!  Tune in tomorrow to find out just how much has changed since that day one year ago when I finally grew a pair and walked out of Hell.  If my story doesn’t inspire you, then you are beyond hope – and since no one is beyond hope, you WILL be inspired.  Come on! Play with me!  It will be FUN!

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    […] There Is Life After Divorce […]


  2. May 12, 2018 @ 11:38 PM Emily Tsuda

    ahh I love this! <3


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