Rising From the Ashes

I gotta change my name. It feels too weird walking around with the name of someone who suffered so much it broke her heart to death. She is IN me, she is my heart and she continues to teach and nourish my soul, but she is not “Me.”

And yet, isn’t it weird to change my name? I know we all talk about it….”What would you name yourself if you changed your name” games are a slumber party staple, right?! But it IS weird for everyone…so what if i just add a few letters?… There are variations on the name Georgia (which I always hated anyway). Georgette, Georgina, Georgiana, even shorter names like Gigi.

Georgiana is my favorite. Georgia was a dedicated Jane Austen Junky – she owned all her novels and even books of her letters! And she always wished she had been named Georgiana (Mr. Darcy’s sister in Pride and Prejudice, for those of you not in the know.)

Well then, that’s it. And the last name needs an embellishment too, so my new name will be Georgiana LeighAnne. How pretty is that!!!

I know it’s going to feel weird to those of you who have known me a while, but I also think you will totally get it. So next time you see me, try to remember to call me Georgiana. And remind me if I forget; This is exciting, but also a bit strange, even for me.

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