Meet FuckBoy John

Things Fuckboy John hates:


  • Push button toilet flushers  (no clue why)
  • His house (it was the “best investment” he ever made, but he can’t sell it 🧐)
  • His new iPhoneX (cuz it recognizes his face so well it turns on when he doesn’t want it to)
  • His job (his job at a pot dispensary was his dream job, he thinks he runs the place, but his coworkers hate him cuz he’s an asshole)
  • His car (cuz it’s a boat of a Cadillac, totally not cool, and he can’t afford to replace it)
  • His boss and co-workers (because someone outed him for being a cocaine addict, and, well, no one likes him cuz he’s an asshole)
  • His Ex Girlfriends (not sure why, I guess cuz they know he’s an asshole)
  • My cooking (basically cuz he’s an asshole)

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