Fuckboy Addiction

So by now you should understand that a FuckHead is a girl who has a bad case of Fuckboy Addiction.  And before you get  your knickers in a knot, let’s have a look at this, evolutionarily…. Who is getting what they want?  Are YOU?…Or are the Fuckboys?… ‘nuf said.  Darwin’s idea was that we evolve to thrive and fulfill our needs more efficiently – or we die.  so if the Fuckboys are getting all the sex they want, with no strings attached, and we are sitting here craving just a scrap of respectful adoration, who has evolved successfully?  That’s right.  Not you.  Because someone fucked up your head.  And this makes you a Fuckhead.  Get it?  Ok.. so,  If you’re a FuckHead, my suggestion to you is to find a really fabulous, sweet guy, with a tiny little harmless bad streak….and then focus just on that while he showers you with all the love and admiration you deserve until you learn to like it. A guy worthy of your love should make you smile like this even when he’s not around.

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