Will I EVER be divorced from this Machiavellian Lunatic!???

He is, once again, contesting his legal responsibility to pay my monthly bills. Yes, almost two years after I filed for escape…ahem, divorce….we still do not even have temporary spousal support settled, let alone the final settlement.

Does anyone have any idea why he would believe, after all that he has done to me, with all the money he has, not to mention all the money he has been hiding…ahem, “parking” in hidden accounts…he would believe the Court isn’t going to award me every single penny I’m owed, plus more for emotional abuse? Not only is the law firmly on my side, I can unequivocally PROVE the gaslighting, secretive “parking” of communal funds, and the systematic poisoning of my daughters minds against me. Has he lost his mind completely?  And now he’s going to spend all his precious money fighting a battle he will never, ever win.

He’s not just a Narc, he’s a Narcissistic Fruitcake!

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