There is so much talk about “boundaries,” from bratty teenagers asserting Power to parents, to abused wives saying “No!” But what really happens when you enforce those boundaries, not just in how people treat you, but in giving them access to you in the first place?

When thoughts of a toxic person enter your mind, energy is redirected and drained. Toxic people who insist on contact after you’ve asked them to stop are counting on this fact. When they contact you it is with the sole purpose of infiltrating your thoughts and depleting your energy stores so you cannot succeed at moving on. And so long as you remain weak, their power is intact. When you block these vampires from your life, your phone, your social media, and your thoughts, you remove their access to your energy flow and the flood of energy, creativity and love that surges through the sudden void tells you the right choice was made. Regardless the judgement of naysayers who have a vested interested in maintaining your weakened state, press on. You will never know what you have to offer the world until you step in front of anyone trying to stop you.

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