One of, if not THE most important of my goals, is to join with and contribute to the growing online community of Mental Health sufferers who have, in an effort to combat the lack of real help most of us are receiving from the psychiatric community, begun doing their own research and sharing it with others.

This morning I came across a fabulous blog packed with well researched and well written information on treatments, diagnoses, and breaking news in the mental health industry, Mental Health Daily.  The article linked here is the type of important information all of us should be keeping in our files, to have on hand when we visit any health care professional.

But won’t my health care professional be aware of the latest research and contraindications you ask?…Don’t count on it.

I was once prescribed Valium with Prozac and after visiting multiple health professionals who never picked up on the problem,  discovered through my own research that mixing these medications is contraindicated!

There’s a much longer story behind this, which I’ll be posting soon.  But for now let’s just say I like to make a habit of walking in to every doctors appointment with the assumption that the professional in front of me may have just had a stroke and cannot necessarily be relied upon to make a correct diagnosis or prescribe appropriate treatment.

Professionals in the industry hate people like me

But frankly after walking in and out of mental health care offices over the course of the past 30 years without having anyone determine that I am a 9 on the ACE scale and have been living my whole life with PTSD, I have totally lost faith in this industry.


  1. CHOOSE your health care providers wisely
  2. DO your own research
  3. BELIEVE that you know yourself better than any person who spends at most an hour a week with you
  4. SUBSCRIBE to blogs like this: Mental Health Daily

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