Lucky Manafort

Lucky Manafort’s ass was saved by a plea deal. DH won’t have any plea deal to accept, and I almost feel sorry for him cuz this is pretty much how he’s gonna look when i take him to court.  Poor guy is either getting the worst legal advice in the universe or he’s as delusional…


DH’s lawyer reminds me of the oatmeal guy

…you know the one: big belly, full head and face of soft grey hair, but apparently not a whole lot going on upstairs…   I mean, if you’re living on fucking oatmeal, which you’re telling us is the answer to all our health woes, why the hell do you look like Santa after too many…



Surfing seems like an ideal therapy for anxiety and panic   All I have to do is conquer my debilitating fear of having my head more than 12 inches under water    


I’m not wasting my vagina on bad sex

Lord, how I wish I could take credit for this quote.  But alas, it comes from a GF of mine in her thirties.  She’s never been married but hopes to be and longs to have a family.  If this quote isn’t sufficient evidence for the argument that women should not get married before the age…