Self: “Help!”

Heed the call


The Witch Hunt

Depressive or shy?  Bubbly personality or Hypomania? Seasonal Affective Disorder or Bipolar? Introspective or antisocial… how the psychiatric community is failing us   Find Joy in the beauty around you,they say, in the rising of the sun, the rustle of the leaves, the cacophony of birdsong that accompanies the first rays of light…In your family,…


A Day in the Life of PTSD

I strongly encourage everyone to journal and I'm posting this mess of thoughts to demonstrate why daily writing is such an important tool in managing PTSD. The essence of this journal entry is that I got triggered by something inconsequential, and through writing about my reaction over the course of the day was ultimately able...

Learning to Live in the Moment

As I was perusing some of my past journal entries this morning I came across a few thoughts I needed to revisit myself!  So I’ve chosen to share something I wrote on a really good day about a month ago, with the hope that it also resonates with some of you... Have you ever tried...

Fuckboy Addiction

So by now you should understand that a FuckHead is a girl who has a bad case of Fuckboy Addiction.  And before you get  your knickers in a knot, let's have a look at this, evolutionarily.... Who is getting what they want?  Are YOU?...Or are the Fuckboys?... 'nuf said.  Darwin's idea was that we evolve...

Enjoy the Journey

I journal every single day (it clears my mind, sorts my thoughts, and saves my darling Bone from drowning in a pool of word vomit every night), and will be putting random excerpts from my journal in the blog.   These are mostly unedited ramblings from my heart – comments welcome but please no judgement. Wednesday…



There is so much talk about “boundaries,” from bratty teenagers asserting Power to parents, to abused wives saying “No!” But what really happens when you enforce those boundaries, not just in how people treat you, but in giving them access to you in the first place? When thoughts of a toxic person enter your mind,…