Because I Can, I Must

What is my real reason for putting myself through the inevitable frustration and torture of launching a YouTube channel, at 48 years young AND without makeup (I wear lipstick)? Believe me, I am not naive. I counseled my own daughters through endless frustrations, and that was AFTER doing all within my power to discourage them heading down this path, short of refusing to nurture their dreams.

For me, this process is about challenging the limitations I have allowed myself and others to place around the full potential of whatever it is I came here to do. And in the process of facing and conquering the demons of past and present, I hope to inspire others to face and conquer their own and dare to live a more vibrantly happy and fulfilling life than they ever imagined possible.

If all of us hold hands to build a spiritual life raft for fellow #SoulsInNeedOfLiberation, imagine the souls our united efforts can assist in their own personal liberation.

This process of gradually placing myself more transparently in the public eye is at times excruciatingly uncomfortable. But I have lived enough to know it is not the comfortable things that help us grow.

When a quarter million people know you as “Clarissa May’s Abusive Mom,” (from a pattering video that was removed directly following finalization of the divorce…hmmmm…coincidence?) there’s really nothing left to lose and the only rational defense is to put the Real Me out there to the best of my not inconsequential abilities.

So that’s what I plan to share – me, my life, my friends, our struggles, our triumphs, the story of how social media burned down my world and saved my life and how I rose from the ashes to find myself not only alive, but living the life I always wanted as though the entire scenario were just some horrible nightmare from which I have finally awoken as my True Self – the Butterfly has emerged from the suffocating chrysalis that would have crushed me to death if I hadn’t the courage to fly away.

It has been one hell of a journey. Reflecting upon it now is like looking back at a bloody 10 car pile-up from which I have miraculously survived despite all reasonable odds. And as bad as it was, it was a mere shadow of what others are suffering. God gives you what you can handle, no more, no less. And as a gesture of gratitude to the Universe for the blessing of my miraculous survival, it is my intention to share this journey with whomever cares to listen, in the hopes of encouraging others on their own prickly path towards spiritual awakening.

My goal with this blog and channel is to entertain, because life is hard; to educate, because life is long; to spread laughter because it cures everything; and to create a community of souls in need of liberation who long to empathize honestly with one another because to love and assist with a heart for connection is to create a vacuum that God, the Universe, Our Spiritual and Earthly Mothers and all God’s Angels can fill with their abundant and perfect love.

#singleandhungryaf #soulsinneedofliberation #seekingloveandlight

#BTW if you’re not interested then you aren’t my target audience. Feel free to quietly exit the room, no hard feelings and a thousand blessings on you for not promoting hate 🙏

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