Actualization is the Key

It’s crazy how life changes. One day you’re struggling along, barely able to make a cup of tea and walk the dog, and soon enough you are keeping up (trigger-free!) with the absurd political soap opera unfolding on National TV, mastering skills from an overflowing bucket list, preparing and sharing amazing meals with a man who loves the way you’ve always dreamed of being loved, spending long days at the beach in the camper van you never knew you needed, and generally living a fulfilling, happy and productive life filled with love and friendship.

8 months ago I was so lonely it knocked the wind out of me. I had lost faith that I would find anyone to share life with me without compromising 90% of myself. But I didn’t give up. I knew that finding a partner like this would open up the most creative and ALIVE parts of myself, that I am hardwired to be my best and achieve the most when I am in loving sync with another soul. So I went back on Bumble and actualized the fuck out of him.

Unable to hold a traditional job due to the chronic PTSD I have suffered since the abuse began in 2015, I threw myself into discovering a passion and purpose that would allow me to care for myself while simultaneously fulfilling a longing to contribute powerfully to the healing of other souls. Thus was born this blog and my current art studies – which will ultimately be used to write books and comic strips helping others find a way to laugh at and conquer their own life challenges.

Sure, that snarky little voice we all have in our heads makes regular attempts to quash my enthusiasm, but after all I’ve been through it’s relatively easy to laugh at those pathetic attempts to limit the power I carry within me. I am a new creature, I WILL create the life and the career I believe is my purpose, and I WILL be successful.

I am utterly in awe of the gifts we are given, the power within each of us to create without limits, and the degree to which many believe life simply happens to us. Actualization is not a fringe concept but a skill each of us is born with and can develop to create the life we want, right here, right now. Embrace it and dare to see how meaningful your life can become.

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